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The Village Mall Hypermarket


Workers Village comprises of a shopping center which is the most comprehensive in Mussafah area. The "Village Mall" offers various services, retailers, groceries, cafeterias for the residents’ daily needs.
Lifecare Hospital Workers Village


In partnership with VPS Healthcare, Workers Village has Lifecare Hospital equipped with state of the art medical equipment catering to all medical requirements offering specialty treatments, operation theatre, emergency room, medical laboratory & a pharmacy.
Workers Village Gym

Sports Complex

The psychological and physical needs of our residents are a priority and ought to be fulfilling through the sports and recreational centers within the Workers Village. We encourage various sports and recreational activities by providing venues for different sports such as football, cricket, basketball and volleyball.
Workers Village Recreation Centers

Recreation Centers

Recreation rooms are placed across Workers Village’s premises for residents to enjoy a wide range of activities. Televisions, billiards, carom, table tennis etc. are the key features of these recreation centers. In addition to this, Workers Village has a Projector room for the viewing pleasure of a larger audience.
Workers Village Mosque


Workers Village masjed has a capacity of up to 5,000 worshipers. Internally and externally decorated with rich Islamic ornamentation, the masjed also houses a rich library of Islamic books in different languages.
Workers Village Cafeteria


Workers Village hosts 9 restaurants, which can cater up to 25,000 residents. Meals are tailor made to suit the different tastes of residents who come from a mix of nationalities and ethnicities. Apart from the diversity in food, the restaurants adhere to Food safety and regulation rules set by the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA).
Workers Village Landscape


Large areas of gardens and trees can be found across Workers Village, these contribute to the aesthetic, psychological and environmental aspects. They provide and serve an excellent surrounding for residents to walk, jog or meet friends.
Workers Village ATM Machines

Banks and Exchange Centers

Workers village provides banking and money transfer services where residents can use ATMs available throughout our premises. One of the branches of Commercial Bank of Dubai is located in the Village Mall. We also have UAE Exchange located at the Village Mall.

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