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Why choose Workers Village

Workers Village offers a wide array of residence types for various companies and organizations wishing to house their different categories of workforce. All residences are categorized based on client requirements and workforce categories made with the highest standards in mind and approved by the administrative authorities of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The village is easily accessible to all departments in order to manage the village and make sure all HSE requirements are met. Each residence unit is equipped with modern ventilation systems, air conditioning, lighting, and sanitation, basic to full furnishing that provides comfort and meets the requirements of various groups working at various levels.

Tas-heel Services

Workers Village partnered with Joud General Services to initiate Tas-heel which focuses on providing wide-ranged services to a number of institutions and government departments.

Security Services

Our team is equipped with the latest mobile and pervasive equipment, taking over the responsibility of protecting the residents, without prejudice to their comfort and privacy.

Laundry Services

Workers Village provides laundry and pressing for its residents through one of the largest corporate laundry service provider, ARVAL. We have daily laundry services to our residents

Housekeeping Services

Our qualified Hygiene and Housekeeping team of experts are committed to applying National and International standards to keep the community clean and hygieni

Catering Services

Tamween is fully committed to all standards related to food safety such as the Food Control System (HACCP system and CSF BP system and 22000 quality system scale, etc.) and is always keen to cater healthy and nutritious food

Healthcare Services

In partnership with VPS Healthcare, we offers healthcare services through Lifecare Hospital equipped with state of the art medical equipment catering to all medical requirements offering specialty treatments, operation theatre, emergency room, medical laboratory & a pharmacy.

Transportation Services

Our administration is working with the largest transportation companies in the UAE to provide safe transportation for the transfer of our residents to their work and back according to the precise schedule to ensure their punctuality.

Communication Services

Our qualified in-house IT team working on the latest of technologies enabling the residents to have access to internet and its communication mediums helping them to stay connected with their families and friends.

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